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Exotic Animal Medicine


At Agave Veterinary Care and Exotic Animal Hospital, we specialize in exotic animal medicine, providing comprehensive veterinary services for unique pets. Our team is experienced in treating a wide range of exotic species with compassion and expertise.

Exotic Animal Medicine in Leander, TX

Every exotic pet has different needs when it comes to health. At Agave Veterinary Care and Exotic Animal Hospital, we understand how important it is to satisfy each pet’s individual needs to ensure that your hairy, scaled, prickly, or slimy friend lives a happy, healthy life. Our skilled and caring staff can help you when you need it the most.

Exotic Animal Medicine

Pet owners can quickly identify signs of disease in cats and dogs, but the same clues might be challenging to spot in exotic animals. Exotic animals are often prey species, which means they are inclined to conceal any signs of disease or injury in order to avoid appearing vulnerable in the wild.

Because of their secretive nature, it might be difficult to detect illness in them until the disease is advanced or more difficult to treat. Semiannual wellness checkups and basic diagnostic testing allow us to screen your exotic pet for problems earlier, and help you correct problems before they are serious.

Many exotic species have unique nutritional and housing requirements that must be addressed, or they may suffer from poor health and diseases. We will give you the information to keep your pet happy and healthy.