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Pet Preventative Care


Because we are aware that every pet is different and has specific needs, we customise our preventative care regimens for each pet.

Pet Preventative Care in Leander, TX

We will give your pet preventative care when you bring them in for a wellness checkup to ensure they are generally healthy, parasite-free, and disease-protected. Before a problem materializes, our team can identify it. The life of a pet can be saved with preventative care.
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Pet Preventative Care

Pet preventative care is essential for your animal friend’s health and well-being. You can help your pet prevent many dangerous and potentially fatal diseases by having routine checkups and vaccines. For dogs, cats, and other animals of all ages, we provide a wide range of preventative care treatments. All pets should get annual physicals and the appropriate immunizations for their age, way of life, and medical history. Additionally, we provide year-round parasite defense as well as heartworm testing and prevention. Regular preventative care is frequently covered by pet insurance plans, making it cheaper than ever to keep your cherished pet healthy and content.

Many times, though, you can learn a lot about your pet from straightforward observation. There are some things that you can’t see, feel, touch, or hear without particular testing and equipment. Your veterinarian searches for any abnormalities during a physical examination. What is normal depends on both what is typical for the breed and what is typical of your particular, individual pet. Similar to how every human is unique, every pet is a little bit different. Any areas of concern will receive additional attention once the veterinarian completes the primary physical examination.