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Pet Dentistry


At Agave Veterinary Care and Exotic Animal Hospital, we prioritize your pet’s oral health with comprehensive dental care services. Trust us to keep your furry and feathery friends smiling bright!

Pet Dentistry in Leander, TX

Our team at Agave Veterinary Care and Exotic Animal Hospital is not only highly knowledgeable in providing top-notch dental care for your pets, but also deeply compassionate, ensuring your furry or feathered friend receives the best care with kindness and empathy.
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Pet Dentistry

According to recent studies, oral illness symptoms are present in 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult canines. The majority of pet owners are unaware that their animal has dental problems. Indications that your pet’s teeth could need veterinarian care include bad breath, plaque buildup, frequent drooling, sore or bleeding gums when eating or chewing, and decreased appetite.

Every checkup includes an oral test for dental disease in the teeth and gums. We can do dental anesthetic cleanings and digital dental X-rays to check for concealed tooth root problems. We keep track of each tooth’s movement, periodontal pockets, and gum recession. Our certified experts use cutting-edge dental care apparatus for comprehensive ultrasonic scaling and polishing of teeth.

In addition, we’re here to discuss at-home dental care advice so that your pet’s efforts at home and yearly dental checkups at Agave Veterinary Care  can result in a long, healthy oral care life.